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What happened to all the imagine writers. Where have they all disappeared to?!

They’ve grown up and moved on. We’re starting to get older and focus more on our lives than on Diggys life. There comes a time in life when we have to stop obsessing over Dig and move on.

9:44 pm on January 12, 2014 :: 5 notes

I’ll submit another chapter of Love and War….just wasn’t sure if anyone was interested.

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Ah! You're back! I'm gonna submit something right now then!!


9:40 pm on January 12, 2014
How do u know that diggy is long?

the bulge in his pants

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1.would you suck tdd 2. You think he still a virgin 3. What do you think his fav sex position would be b/c think how he be grinding in his concerts i say doggy style ;p


2.Idk, hard to tell

3.doggy style more like diggy style

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Where can an imagine be submitted?


8:19 pm on January 3, 2014
Hey :) I really think you should continue the love and war imagine and the forever imagine. They are both really fascinating!

The writers aren’t around anymore

8:19 pm on January 3, 2014
How long is diggy

very long ;)

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I miss this page so much. I'm gonna try and make imagines. This would be my first time. Should I?

yea, that would be cool

8:24 pm on October 27, 2013
is diggy a freak

Yea, on the low

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how old is Diggy?


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Love and War- Chapter 4

Diggy POV:

Man there’s been so much going on…too much stress. Today I’ve decided to kick it with my best friend Spin, I haven’t seen him since the trip. He always picks my spirits up when I’m down or stressing. Spin said he was coming over so in the meantime I decided to play some Xbox until he showed.

"Yo!" A voice called out from downstairs. Of course it was spin, he practically lives here.

"I’m up here my boy!" I shouted from my bedroom.

"What’s good man? Still ass in black opps I see?" Spin teased.

He was always super tight that I have a better kill streak than him.

"Haha what ever man, but not much just chillin…" I said as I looked away, trying not to convey a sense of frustration towards all that happened yesterday with Jayla.

"Trouble in paradise?" Spin said as he grabbed the control and began to play.

"Haha, man idk. I haven’t spoken to Diana in a minute but….." I paused, knowing that spin would be delighted to hear that I met up with Jayla.

"…..buuuuuuut?" He said with a huge grin.

"I went to go see Jayla yesterday….we met up at that spot downtown for lunch. Everything was dope man, like it was mad nice seeing her…THEN. I offered her a ride home and she ended up inviting me to stay to chill….and-"

"Yoooo! Nooooooo, please don’t tell me you fu-" I stopped him in his tracks.

"Nah man! Chill. I didn’t I swear. But like we were playing around and then I ended up on her bed and we kissed and then she went into a tangent on how she’s ‘In love’ with me" I continued to tell spin everything that happened yesterday afternoon.

"….you serious yo? What’d you say?" He said, pausing the game.

"That’s the problem…..she was telling me how she thought about me a lot after we fought and I said ‘me too’ and nothing else……." I said, waiting for spin to respond.

"Yo……are you serious? C’mon man I thought you liked her?" (Hahaha, ‘like’)

"Man I do but how is that gonna look? I just broke up with Diana. I can’t just jump from girl to girl like that. That’s not me man, you know that" I said, with a guilty tone.

"I mean I know Diana did me dirty but that ‘respect’ is there. She’s still a female".

"Man, fuck that bi-" he started.

"Spin c’mon man" I said trying hard not to laugh to encourage his childish ways.

"All I know is that I don’t wanna make a mess of the situation and cause a war man….."

*Later that day*

It was cool to have spin over for a while. Hanging out just helped to forget about things….well for a while.

As I was about to run downstairs for a snack, my phone vibrated. I flipped it over and saw a missed call from Perry, my manager.

"I just need a break man….." I said to myself…forgetting that I just came from a four week vacation. Clearly it wasn’t enough. Instead of calling back I decided to text instead. He responded rather quickly, letting me know I have an interview next week at a boutique in SoHo. I was definitely excited about checking the clothes but a little nervous as always for the interview. As I shot perry a confirming response, Jayla’s name came up on the screen……

Her text read: ‘Hey Dan, I just wanted to apologize for everything yesterday. I just don’t know what I was thinking…it was just too much all at once. I hope you forgive me. I think we both need a little space, so just text me back when you wanna meet up and talk. Xoxo, J.’

She’s right it’s all too much at once and I do need space. Too many things are happening all at once. It’s hard to think.

*Next day*

Jayla POV:

I had been in the studio all morning, finishing up my brand new EP. It’s taken me so long to finally complete it and can’t wait to release it. I’m thinking about having a release party sometime next week in SoHo at an amazing club named “Cloud 9”. I sent a mass text to everyone I knew who I wanted to be there. I came across Daniels contact and was hesitant to invite him…maybe I should out of respect? I mean after all I know deep down I want him to be there to support me, he always has.

I got such positive feedback from the message, everyone is passing it on and said they’d be there next Friday night at the club! I’m so stoked!

Suddenly Dan responded back with:

'Hey J, I'm sorry but I can't make it that night. I'll be in SoHo doing an interview at a boutique on the other side of the city, I'm not sure if I'll be done in time. I might have to fly to Miami with the owner for business stuff. Forgive me? I'm totally booked 😔

I was honestly so disappointed….I’m happy all these people say they’re coming but I really wanted Daniel there….I guess next time. I responded, ‘That’s okay dig, see you when you come back, later’

I sighed then headed back into the booth.

Diggy POV:

I felt really bad about not being able to make it to Jayla’s release party, she’s worked so hard and this is really big for her. Maybe it was a good thing that we don’t see each other…..I just think that it’s best for us right now. 

On the other hand, Spin is having a party tonight at his crib so I’m stoked about that. I haven’t been to a house party in a while, but it’s gonna be wild. Hopefully Jayla won’t be there, I’m really just trying to avoid her at the moment.

*Later that night*

It was already about to be 12 and almost everyone was already at spins place. Man, the party is crazy. I decided to park my car a street over, just to be safe.  I walked around the corner and made my way up to the steps. There were a few people outside smoking weed, the smoke caused my eyes to become slightly hazy. I made my way into the house, cutting through the crowd and the very first person I saw was Diana…

Our eyes met the moment I walked in, so I tried my best to play it off and pretend like I never saw her. As I kept my eyes looking straight ahead trying to find spin, I felt a hand pull at my arm….I turned around and there she was, her eyes filled with sadness and tears.

"I miss you" she said directly to my ear, as the music was bumping through the roof.

"That’s too bad….really" I said as I pulled away from her grasp and disappeared into the crowd.

I finally found spin in the kitchen mixing up a drink for himself and his girl.

"Yo what’s up! You made it!" He said excitingly

"You know it man, yo this party is crazy" I yelled, trying to be heard over the music…I’m surprised the cops haven’t come yet.

"I know man!" "Yo, did you see Jayla?" Spins tone grew concerned "She’s gone yo…..my girl and I brought her upstairs, she drank so much, she’s stupid drunk." He said….

"Are you serious? Jayla never drinks….man what has gotten into her. I’m gonna go check on her man….I’ll be back down in a few" I said as I rushed up the stairs. I noticed Diana watching me, her eyes still full of sadness.

I would assume Spin put Jayla in the guest room, so I quickly raced down the hall towards it.

"Jayla?" I shouted over the music. No answer.

"J! It’s me! Dig!" Still no answer….I opened the guest room and there she was….sprawled out on the floor passed out. I rushed over and crouched down.

"Jayla!!?" I shouted, holding her into my arms, I panicked. "Jayla! It’s me, Dig! Wake up!" I shook her. I placed her back down carefully and rushed to the bathroom to grab a cup of water.

"Dig? Is- is that-you?" She called softly from the room. I raced out and held her in my arms again.

"Yes sweetheart it’s me. Are you okay?" I said, still panicking. She smiled, then suddenly burst out crying hysterically.

"Jayla…Jayla…sssssh, it’s okay, I’m here sweetheart I’m here, you’re just a little drunk okay?…drink some water." I picked her up once again and sat her up on the bed. I noticed there was vomit by the bed side. I watched her as she drank the water I gave to her. I’ve never, in all the years that I’ve known Jayla, seen her in this type of state. I was scared. I sat next to her and rubbed her back…all she could do was gaze at me with eyes full of tears….this is all my fault. Just as she calmed down, the door flung open…Diana came storming in…."Diggy!" She yelled. I whispered to Jayla to tell her to stay where she was…

I jumped up from the bed and met her at the door.

"Diana what is your problem, you’re bugged out for real…" I said turning away from her. She grabbed my hand, "Don’t fucking turn away from me! Look at me! " she screamed…."Diana let go of me….forreal" I ordered calmly as I guarded the door In hopes she wouldn’t notice Jayla.

"Oooooh, was I interrupting something? Forreal dig? This is who you’ve been screwing? Huh?" Diana yelled with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"First of all, calm down because I’m not the one doing the screwing, second of all, she’s drunk and spin told me she was up here….I’m not leaving her like that" I said firmly.

"Now just leave me alone…..get back to the party….." I said in a calm tone. "So what, you feel like you have to step in and ‘babysit’ her?"

"Why is it your concern? Huh?!" I shouted…."Maybe I care about her! Maybe….maybe I love her!" I said, my voice slightly louder…. "We’re done Diana…Honestly I don’t want to look at you yo….just leave." I said calmly trying to control my tone. I didn’t want to shout in front of Jayla. "Okay….I guess I knew who you chose all along." She said as she walked away. Honestly, I don’t feel half bad.

I shut the door and tended to Jayla.

I hope she didn’t hear what I said about how I felt… Maybe she won’t even remember….

Next day*

Jayla POV

I woke up feeling so ashamed. I haven’t been this drunk in a while and the worst part was remembering most of what happened last night. As I turned over with eyes half open, I was frightened to see Diggy lay right next to me with his shirt off. My first though was that I couldn’t believe he stayed to make sure I was alright, my second thought made me grow worrisome. Did I have sex with Dig? I mean, we’re in spins guest room alone, in the same bed, and we did almost make out at my house. I should my head in disbelief. Nah, Dan doesn’t even have those feelings for me.

As I rose from the bed, I drew open the curtains and let the early morning sun shine through.  I then made my way to the bathroom and freshened up. My hair was a mess, my tresses resembled a lioness. I quickly pulled my hair into a top knot bun, washed my face, brushed my teeth and made my way back into the bedroom. Dan was still asleep in his upright position. It looked as though he was trying to stay awake last night to watch over me.  I made my way to the bed and crawled over to him, admiring his chiseled abs and baby soft skin.

“Diggy” I whispered in his ear as I rubbed his arm. “Wake up” I said in a soothing tone. I watched as his brown, almond shaped eyes opened with sadness.

“Are you okay?!” he said, adjusting his position to focus on me.

“Yeah Dig I’m fine, I’m okay. Look I’m really sorry; I really didn’t mean to put you in this position. I’m not you’re responsibility, this was all just really irresponsible of me. I’m sorry for all the extra drama I may have caused with-“ I rambled as he cut me off.

“She and I are done. Its okay Jayla, I wanted to make sure you were okay. I wasn’t going to leave you like this. You’re my best friend and if anything happened to you, I-“

I gave the biggest hug I’d ever given anyone in a while. He froze, but took me into his arms. The scent of his warmth hit.  Why has he been going out of his way for me so much? Diggy couldn’t possibly have feelings for me too, could he? Why are we trying so hard to deny these feelings for eachother?

I’ve decided to just come out and be honest with him. We were both alone; It was the right time, awkward setting, but perfect time.

“Dig, can I ask you something?” I asked as I turned to him while crossing my legs on the bed.

Diggy POV:

I grew nervous. Whenever Jayla gets worried or anxious she goes off and asks a million questions. I care about Jayla so much and I don’t regret anything that happened last night. I just wanted her safe.

“Yeah, you can ask me anything. What’s up?” I said, as rose up in the bed and faced her.

“Well first off, don’t feel weird or anything, but….did we have sex? Like I know you were watching out for me but you have no shirt on and I- “

Sex? Why would she ever think I’d take advantage of her like that?

“Jayla, are you serious?”  I said as I grew angry.

“I’m sorry, I’m only asking…I just-“ she said

“Only asking?! Jayla why would you ever think, even for a second that I’d take advantage of you? Don’t you see that I was trying to make sure you were safe? C’mon!” I said, raising my voice.

I paused, noticing tears came to her eyes.

“Which leads to my next question” she said shakily, wiping away tears as she looked down.

I hate it when she cries. 

“What is it?” I ordered.  I grew even more nervous than ever before.

“Do you have feelings for me, like I have feelings for you?” she whispered sadly.

I grew paralyzed…Do I tell her? I drew Jayla in close to my chest to calm her from her crying.

“It’s okay J, I gotchu” I cooed.

“Actually I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while now” I started, looking down at her.


The door opened abruptly from across the room. It was spin entering with a worrisome look.

“Morning ya’ll, is everything okay from last night?” He asked.



I guess it’s been nothing but wrong timing……

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Chapter 4 pleaseeeee !!!
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Chapter 4 tonight :)
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